How to take the best selfie?

Selfie has become a part of modern society and it is no surprise that we can find this term in modern dictionaries. This form of taking photography was popularized mainly by the celebrities and some of them (Kim Kardashian) have published books that contain their best selfies. It is much easier for celebrities to take selfies because they have many people around them who can give them advice and instructions, but this doesn’t mean that common people can’t achieve that. By following some of these tips we are sure that you will take the best selfie you ever had.

1)   Use a selfie stick

75-myselfieIf you want to take great selfies you will need some accessories and additional equipment. The selfie stick is one piece of equipment that is getting very popular these days. With the help of a selfie stick you can avoid the annoying situations when your hand can be seen on the photo. There is a button on the stick that is connected to your mobile device thanks to Bluetooth technology. This means that with only one push of the button you will get the perfect selfie. Simply put your smartphone or camera on the selfie stick, select the ideal position and press the button. Keep in mind that there are different types of selfie sticks. For example, if you own an iPhone you should look for a selfie stick that will fit your iphone.

2)   Don’t forget your friends

Although the name of this type of photography suggest that this is some kind of narcissistic photography, the truth is that selfies are much more fun and less uncomfortable if they include some of your friends in them. Taking a selfie with your best friends usually involves a lot of fun, laughs and fooling around. All these things make the selfies look more spontaneous and relaxed which means – more natural.

3)   Take care of your hair

Before you take a photo try to ruffle your hair a little bit. Let the hair fall on your face in a natural way. In this way you will increase the volume of your hair and the selfie will look more attractive. Of course, you can also use some hair products like sprays right before you take a photo.

4)   View some examples of good selfies

In order to learn how to create the be75st selfies, you can learn more from the people that have successful Instagram profiles and lots of selfies with shares and likes. Take Kim Kardashian for example. She usually doesn’t look straight in the camera and that’s what makes her photos even more attractive. You should also try to avoid staring at the camera because you may look confused or less attractive in the end.

5)   Inspect the background

Very often people are focused on the way they look before they take a selfie and that’s wrong because the background is almost equally important. No one wants to look at the mess in your room or the tiles in your bathroom. If you use a beautiful background you will look more attractive.