Vibration and shock data logger

Vibration and shock data logger­ is a measurement instrument that is capable of recording vibrations and shocks over a certain time. The data collects information that can be retrieved, evaluated and viewed after your recording.

Measurement like this is often used to monitor fragile and valuable goods during transit, or measure the shocks and vibration in an environment during the transportation.

The loggers can easily be attached to goods, transportation vehicles or packing so it can record the vibrations and shocks that is acting upon them. If you have a large item, you might need to have several loggers to measure the vibrations and shocks from different areas.

The measured data reveals if the goods in transit have been exposed for potentially damage. From the recording, you will get valuable data if your currently transit method is causing damage to your goods or not. If the recorder has a built in GPS, it is possible for you to determine the location of the damaging shock or vibration to prevent from causing damage again. If the data indicates severe handling, the receiver may choose to reject the shipment.

The pros with a vibration and shock data logger are that:

  • You will get information about how your products have been handled during the transportation.
  • It improves transport and material management.
  • It improves the quality for secure transit of your goods.

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